Crank Seal Guard Install Instructions

Thank you for your purchase and for trusting MaLo Industries.
Items included in your Kit:

1x MaLo Industries Crank Seal Cover Plate
2x M8 Stainless steel replacement bolts
2x Stainless steel washers
1x Loctite medium strength 0.5ml
Tools needed for the install:
Torque wrench
E10 inverted torx socket
E12 inverted torx socket
T60 torx socket
10mm socket
Long wobble bar extension
Breaker bar
5mm allen socket

Install Instructions:
1. Secure the vehicle (jack stands, ramps, lift)

2. Remove the cooling fan and splash guard.

3. Loosen the six E10 crank pulley bolts. Just break them loose. Don't remove them just yet.

4. Using a breaker bar with a T60 torx. Remove the serpentine belt by pulling the tensioner

5. Remove the six E10 torx bolts that hold on the crank pulley. Then pull the crank pulley off.
Mark the crank pulley hole as to where the bolt with the white dot was located as well as make a
reference mark on the main crank bolt as to where that hole is once the crank pulley is

6. Using the E12 torx and a long wobble bar extension remove the two aluminum bolts. There's
one on each side of the crank seal.

7. Remove any burrs if there are any on the block that could interfere with the plate as there is
limited clearance between the crank pulley and the cover plate.

8. Apply a dab of the provided blue Loctite onto the M8 bolts and line up the plate over the crank
seal and install the two bolts along with the washers finger tight. Adjust the crank seal plate so
that there is an even amount of space between the crank seal plate and the crank hub.
Make sure it sits flush with your engine block.

9. Starting with the left bolt (passenger side on a LHD car) torque the bolt to 15ft lbs. (20Nm)
then the right one.
Make sure after tightening, that the plate did not form a belly. It has to sit flush or it may rub
against the pulley.

9. Reinstall the crank pulley using your reference points and torque the bolts to (*35Nm) in a
star pattern.

10. Reinstall serpentine belt and cooling fan
*35Nm not guaranteed. (Information found in BMW forums)

MaLo Industries can not be held liable for any damages on your car. We recommend you use a
licensed mechanic to install the plate.
Thanks again for trusting MaLo Industries
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